PEERS San Diego provides an enriching after school program for all students that is designed to meet the interests of all kids. We want to provide students with a variety of educational, safe, fun and enriching activities, while being supervised by ABA trained, professional staff members. The activities, programs and clubs we offer are designed to further develop our members' educational, social and personal skills. All our new members must go through our in-take process, we have groups of different levels and can provide additional aupport for members who have behaviors that may affect the learning enviroment of others.* Please ask regarding information for additional support.

 Homework assistance and transporation may be provided.*

This fee-based program is conducted after school Mondays - Fridays until 6PM, following the school year schedule, including early release days and minimum days. If you have additional questions or want more information regarding the program, please feel free to contact:

** Transportation availablility is limited
** Subject specific tutoring available for additional fee
** BCBA available for additional fee