What are social skills groups?

Our "Friends Club" is a monthly social skills group. This club is facillitated by an ABA Specialist who encourages appropriate child-led interactions. At PEERS San Diego, we focus on conversational, friendship and problem-solving skills during play using Pivitol Response Training (PRT). Our program director will work with our Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) to create an individual behavioral program for each member as well as help each member reach specific goals during each activity. This club teaches members how to control their emotions and understand the perspective of others. Monthly membership for Friends Club is $250/mo and is due the first of every month. If you'd like to participate without joining friends club you may "drop-in" to activities for $40.00 per activity. Drop-ins will not recieve behavioral programs.

How do social skills groups work?

The group facilitator leads the groups through exercises to learn the skills needed to deal with whatever social challenge they may face. Most of these meetings include a chance for kids to role-play or practice social skills—and to get feedback on how they’re doing. Our monthly club provides fun, age-appropriate outings/activities that carry our lessons outside of a "classroom" setting.

What are the benefits of social skills groups?
Your child will learn important skills that they’ll use the rest of their personal and professional lives. This includes learning how to:

• Greet others •        • Maintain a conversation •          • Start a conversation •

• Share and take turns •          • Respond to others •          • Ask for help • 

Who can benefit most from social skills groups?
Social skills groups are best for kids who aren’t developing social skills as quickly as their peers. This may include kids with ADHD, kids with nonverbal learning disabilities, kids with social communication challenges and other types of learning or behavior issues, and those who may have trouble picking up on social cues, like body language, tone of voice and facial expressions.

**Please note that this program is meant for skills acquisition, not behavior reduction. Members who display maladaptive behaviors will be removed from activities without refund at the discretion of staff. Members who continue to display maladaptive behavior are subject to suspension of the program at the director's discretion without refund. Please inquire about our ABA services or additional support**

Disclaimers: Activities and times are subject to change with 48-hour notice. There will be no refunds for missed activities, nor can missed activities carry over to the next month. Club Dues are due the 1st of every month. Drop-ins are subject to $40 per activity. Activities outside the center are subject to additional fees depending on the activity. There is no behavioral program created for drop-ins. All prices and fees are subject to change.